Blog Post #1

Digital tools is an important part of our everyday lives already. We all use email, google, Facebook, Skype, etc… When these things first became available for us to use we knew nothing about them, but we learned how to use them. Everyday there are new things coming out in technology and media. Many people are not interested in the new things of the future because they fear change. When I got a cell phone, at the age of 21, all I heard from my dad was, “Why do you need a cell phone?” “I’ll never have a cell phone. I have no use for it.” Today my dad has a cell phone and he has learned to text and facetime. He has come to love technology.
I look forward to the end result of this class. I have already learned so much within the first couple of weeks. Our learning is not limited with digital tools. This course will be the beginning of many stepping stones as technology is constantly changing into something new, something better.


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