Reflective Blog #4

TPACK is how Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge interact and overlap with each other.

The best example I have seen of TPACK used in its entirety and effectively would be in this class, Digital Tools. As the article required for reading suggests, there is “no right way to integrate technology in the curriculum.” The class is taught creatively using various forms of technology. The basic challenge is that technology is dynamic and always changing and improving but the Digital Tools has found relevant ways to incorporate a vast variety of tools into the teaching environment. The Content Knowledge displayed shows that the teacher is up to date on the current subject matter to be included and taught throughout the course. The content includes effective and up to date technology and specific and useful tools to students in their every day environments. Finally, the teachers uses a variety of pedagogical methods to teach the curriculum and engage students all while employing the various tools the class is teaching. The class is interactive and exciting and fun and students learn “hands on” in their classwork all while using the content to be learned for each assignment. There is a constant variety of methods employed to teach, learn and master the content that is to be acquired by the student.

The area I struggle with most is the pedagogy. I know the content and have learned various technological tools to employ but to make the leap of “how” to actually teach or present something in the most effective manner is something that can be a challenge for me. While I feel I know the material to be taught well, I think my biggest strength is in technology. I enjoy learning and employing new technology and how those tools can be used to make my life easier while getting the job done better!   I enjoy that technology is ever advancing and always changing and can be used in such a variety of ways and encourages creativity and thinking outside of the box.