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Blog Post #1

Digital tools is an important part of our everyday lives already. We all use email, google, Facebook, Skype, etc… When these things first became available for us to use we knew nothing about them, but we learned how to use them. Everyday there are new things coming out in technology and media. Many people are not interested in the new things of the future because they fear change. When I got a cell phone, at the age of 21, all I heard from my dad was, “Why do you need a cell phone?” “I’ll never have a cell phone. I have no use for it.” Today my dad has a cell phone and he has learned to text and facetime. He has come to love technology.
I look forward to the end result of this class. I have already learned so much within the first couple of weeks. Our learning is not limited with digital tools. This course will be the beginning of many stepping stones as technology is constantly changing into something new, something better.

Reflective Blog #2

If we look back at prior educational environments before computers were invented and multimedia technologies, other types of technologies were introduced as instructional tools such as radio, film, and television into classrooms with a certain degree of success. Today, digital technologies have greatly influenced us in the 21st century. Educational experiences have remained consistent even while there have been changes in the modes and models of teaching and learning with the advance of technology, mainly due to the invention of the Internet and the popularity of personal computers. Today’s learners will need to enter the real-world with capabilities such as the ability to communicate effectively, analyze, utilize higher-order thinking skills and think creatively. In the workforce you use many tools for learning such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Webex. When taking online classes we use Blackboard to access our classes and to post blogs. One can never learn too much about technology and how to use it. For myself, I do not watch much TV and I am in the dark about a lot of things that go on in the world today. So I find myself scrolling through Facebook reading the local news or the updates in Central America (where our manufacturing plants are located.) The new outburst of the Zika virus is the most recent thing I have educated myself about through the use of media and technology. I used Google search to learn more about the Zika virus. With that being said, computers can be used as tools to engage learners in higher order thinking and provide a constructive learning environment to help the learner actively build up their own knowledge and reflect on their interpretations.
I agree with Robert Kozma. We should begin to think about the ways can use the media to influence learning for students and teachers. There is a relationship between media and learning and we should use the available media to enhance teaching and learning for faculty and students. Robert Kozma argued that students will benefit most from the use of a particular medium when its capabilities are employed by the instructional method to provide representations and cognitive operations that are important to the task and the situation.